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To submit your Warranty Request please email or call us at:

352.505.9100 ext 3

For more information on the Skobel Homes Warranty, please refer to our Warranty Booklet.

For Emergency Service, please refer to our
Emergency Service procedures.

For Appliance Service, please refer to our
Appliance Service procedures.

Keep your home in tip-top shape. These Homeowner How-To Videos are designed to provide peace of mind when you run into some of the more common household maintenance issues. Next time your smoke detector battery is low and starts to beep or your outlet is not working, you’ll have a quick video to guide you through it.

Emergency Service

While emergency situations are rare, when they occur, it is important to respond promptly. Our trade contractors or your local utility company will provide an emergency response to certain situations 24 hours a day. Please follow the steps below when experiencing an emergency service situation.

1. Evaluate the Situation

An emergency service situation is defined by an occurrence of one or more of the following conditions:

  • Total loss of heat when the outside temperature is below 50 degrees Fahrenheit.

  • Total loss of electricity.

  • Total loss of water.

  • Plumbing leak that requires the entire water supply to be shut off.

  • Gas leak.

If a service (gas, electricity, water) is out in an entire area, attention from the local utility company is needed. Unfortunately, trade contractors are unable to help with such outages.


2. Troubleshoot


Please refer to our Homeowner How-To Videos. Often you can solve a problem immediately or mitigate the situation until a technician arrives.


Learn how to shut off the main water supply.

View our Homeowner How-To Video.


Learn how to shut off the gas.

View our Homeowner How-To Video.

3. Contact Appropriate Contractor or Utility Company


If your review of the Homeowner How-To Videos does not solve your problem, please call the appropriate trade contractor or utility company directly. Their phone numbers are listed on your Homeowner Information Sheet. This will provide the quickest response.

4. Follow-Up with Skobel Homes Warranty

Please email or call us to document your emergency. We want to be made aware of your particular situation and if needed, follow-up with our Warranty technicians.

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Emergency Service
Appliance Service
Our Commitment to our Homeowners.

At Skobel Homes we take pride in building quality homes that you and your family will enjoy for years to come. Also, we have a commitment to excellent customer service and enjoy having happy and satisfied customers.


Our customer service begins with the first handshake at our model home and continues as we guide you through the home buying and home building process. But this relationship does not end at the closing table. Our team will assist you with any issues that you have during your Warranty period and we will be available to answer any questions and provide you with helpful maintenance tips that you can continue to refer to as you grow into your new home. 

Submitting Your Warranty Request

Submitting your warranty request is easy.


  1. Email

  2. Write a short description which includes the location of the issue.

  3. Attach photos of the issue.

  4. Include your home address or lot number, the best phone number to reach you at, and when you will be available for a service visit.

  5. We will contact you back to schedule a visit.

Top 10 Warranty Concerns
  1. Cracks are appearing in the seams of my crown molding and base molding. Separation in moldings occurs normally as the temperature changes and materials expand and contract. This is an easy fix with a caulk gun and caulk tube to seam the joints. View our Homeowner How-To Video.

  2. My bi-fold doors came off the track, how do I fix this. It can be a pain in the you know what to figure out how to fix these doors, but don't worry we have a detailed video that will show you how to adjust your bi-fold doors and put them back on the track. View our Homeowner How-To Video.

  3. My (kitchen/bathroom/garage/living room) outlets are not working. Have you checked the breaker in the garage to make sure it did not accidentally get tripped? If the breaker has not been tripped, have you checked the GFI on one of the outlets to make sure it was not tripped? View our Homeowner How-To Video.

  4. My toilet is overflowing and I do not know how to shut off the water. To avoid water damage in your home, it is important to know how to shut off the water valves for your toilets, sinks, showers and appliances. Also, learn how to shut off the main water supply for your home. View our Homeowner How-To Video.

  5. My sprinklers are not covering my entire yard and some parts of my lawn are dying. We suggest that you try to adjust your sprinkler heads to add coverage to the areas that need it. Need some coaching? This helpful video will show you how to set your irrigation timer and adjust your sprinkler heads. View our Homeowner How-To Video.

  6. The water that comes out of my faucets is way too hot! Have you adjusted the temperature for your hot water heater? There is a video that will show you how to do this. View our Homeowner How-To Video.

  7.  The water pressure to my sprinklers is very low. Have you cleaned out the filters on your sprinkler heads? Sometimes this simple step can solve the problem and increase your water pressure. We have more tips in our video.  View our Homeowner How-To Video.

  8. My dishwasher/stove/microwave appliance is not working properly. For Appliance Service, please refer to our Appliance Service procedures

  9. My garage door won’t open/close…or it goes halfway up/down and then reverses? Try checking your sensors to make sure they are lined up and nothing is blocking them or the door’s movement.

  10. I have a warranty claim. What should I do next? Email us at

Maintenance or Warranty?

Are you wondering if your issue is covered under your home warranty or if it’s considered regular home maintenance? Take a look at this list of common service requests to see which category it falls under. If you are still not sure, let us know, and we will be happy to assist you.

Homeowner Maintenance

  • Adjusting your sprinkler heads for better coverage

  • Proper landscape watering and yard maintenance

  • Accidental cutting of sprinkler, phone, or cable lines

  • Concrete cracks

  • Changing HVAC filters and vacuuming air vents regularly

  • Rodent or insect problems

  • Interior and exterior caulking

  • Paint touch ups from normal wear and tear

  • Grout cracks



  • No power to the house

  • No heat or air conditioning

  • Water leak on supply line

  • Roof leak

  • Sprinkler system not working

Appliance Service

Appliances included in your new home come with a 2 Year GE Manufacturer's Warranty. It is important that you activate the service contract on these appliances after Closing on your new home. View the GE Service Activation Instructions.


Appliance service is provided directly by the manufacturer. If you are experiencing a problem with one of your GE Appliances, please contact GE directly to schedule a service appointment. For prompt service, please ensure you have the appliance’s Model Number and Serial Number and the closing date on your home. By contacting GE directly, this will allow you to schedule an appointment for immediate service.

The manufacturer of your appliances employs trained technicians who are qualified to service the appliances. In fact, because the internal mechanics of appliances can vary from brand to brand, many appliance manufacturers will void their warranty if someone other than one of their certified technicians works on the appliance. The manufacturer's customer service phone numbers are listed in the use and care materials for each appliance. 


Remember to mail in any registration cards you receive with the manufacturer’s materials and activate the service contract. Being registered with the manufacturer assures that in the event of a product recall, the company can contact you and arrange to provide the needed correction.

GE Appliances

1-800-GE-CARES / 1-800-432-2737

Schedule Service Online


Refer to the literature provided by the manufacturer for complete information.

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