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Owner Care

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Home Care Tips Top

Annual Maintenance

  • Examine caulking around windows, doors and other areas following instructions in your Maintenance Manual.

  • Inspect condition of concrete slabs and patios following suggestions in your Maintenance Manual.

  • Check condition of septic tank and leach field. Consult with septic tank pumping service.

  • Visually survey wood trim following suggestions in your Maintenance Manual. Clean all woodwork and wax.

  • Have carpets professionally cleaned at least once a year.

  • Complete annual furnace and air conditioning maintenance by a licensed HVAC contractor. Schedule a professional inspection of major appliances especially if they are gas fueled.

Monthly Maintenance

  • Smoke detectors - Check operation by pushing test button. Check and replace battery if necessary.

  • Check fire extinguishers for proper charge. Never buy units without a pressure gauge. Be sure that you have an adequate number, located in kitchen and garage.

  • Test Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters (GFCI) to insure proper protection.

  • Clean or replace dirty filter in range hood.

  • Check for evidence of leaks around toilets, under sinks and around dishwasher.

  • Clean and freshen sink drains by flushing with hot water and baking soda.

  • Inspect furnace and air conditioning filters, humidifier and electronic air cleaners. Replace as required.

  • Clean aerators on faucets regularly, depending upon water hardness. You may need to use a rust or scale remover to return them to normal condition, or have them replaced. Check water filters and softeners regularly. The life of the filter is dependent upon water usage and water characteristics.

  • Monitor and maintain floor coverings on an as required basis. Regular vacuuming will reduce wear of carpets and other floor coverings. Repair tears and remove stains as soon as possible.

  • Check the Temperature Pressure Release (TPR) valve on the water heater. In areas with hard water, drain at least five gallons of water from the drain valve every six months to prevent sediment build up.

It feels good to maintain your home...

That’s how it truly becomes a home you can be proud of. Home maintenance includes regular, seasonal and one-time tasks. The following suggested maintenance schedule identifies some of the more common maintenance tasks that may be performed on a monthly, semi-annual  or annual basis. 

These suggested maintenance tasks and schedules should not replace the manufacturer’s recommendations. We suggest the use of licensed contractors for any tasks you may feel unprepared to complete. Remember, safety first! What seems like a simple plumbing or electrical repair can cost you more than what you think you might save if you don’t do it correctly.

For more information and tips consult your New Home Maintenance Manual.

Biannual Maintenance

  • Inspect roof and chimney for broken or missing tiles or shingles, identifying anything that might cause leaks or problems. Inspect and clean gutters and downspouts. Follow instructions in your Maintenance Manual for roof, chimney, gutters and downspouts. Do not walk on the roof as it is dangerous and may cause damage.

  • Inspect the outside of the home and the condition of siding, paint, masonry, stucco or Exterior Insulated Finish System (EIFS) and wood trim, following instructions in your Maintenance Manual.

  • Inspect doors and windows to verify proper operation, security and weather resistance. Clean tracks of windows and sliding glass doors before applying silicone lubricant. See suggestions in your Maintenance Manual.

  • Maintain wall finishes following suggestions in your Maintenance Manual.

  • Monitor and maintain cabinets and countertops following suggestions in your Maintenance Manual.

  • Inspect the foundation, basement or crawl space following instructions in your Maintenance Manual.

  • Inspect main service panel, circuit breakers, all GFI outlets and breakers following instructions in your Maintenance Manual.

  • Complete seasonal maintenance on heating and air conditioning by licensed HVAC contractor.

  • Check general condition of compressor; remove debris as necessary.

  • Inspect and replace caulking and grout around tubs, showers and sinks as needed.

Keep your home in tip-top shape. These Homeowner How-To Videos are designed to provide peace of mind when you run into some of the more common household maintenance issues. Next time your smoke detector battery is low and starts to beep or your outlet is not working, you’ll have a quick video to guide you through it.




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